GeoN Permeameter

The GeoN Permeameter is best described as a combination of the 1” GeoN Groundwater sampler and the GeoN Pore Pressure Meter.

During the test, we either take a water sample as described for the GeoN Groundwater sampler (”Inflow test”) or we infiltrate water into the soil (”Outflow test”).

In the latter case, we partly fill the vial with water and pressurize it prior to the test. In either case, the transducer is connected to the upper vial cap by means of the needle connection, in order to measure the pressure in the vial during sampling/infiltration.

Knowing the speed of the pressure change, the permeability can be calculated. The read-out unit, Pi301, includes software for logging of time/pressure values and for calculation of the permeability.

Pi301 can be connected to your PC similar to Pi30. It stores all results From 40 permeability tests, time/pressure values as well as k-values and still, it can keep 2.000 pore pressure values in the memory.

Features of the GeoN Permeameter:

  • Tests can be performed insitu at practically any depth
  • A test, even in tight clay, usually takes less than 60 minutes
  • A test can easily be repeated
  • Measurements can be performed in the saturated zone as well as in the vadose zone
  • Uncomplicated function, easy to handle


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